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IN BOCCA AL LUPO! – How to wish good luck in italian

"IN BOCCA AL LUPO!" - How to wish good luck in italian

Wishing “good luck” in Italy is a serious matter, and one has to be careful! It is thought that saying “auguri!” or “buona fortuna!” before an important event brings bad luck. The right way to wish good luck is instead to say “IN BOCCA AL LUPO!”, literally “in the mouth of the wolf” . And be careful with your answer!

Never simply say “grazie”, “thanks”, as this can also bring bad luck!
Traditionally, the correct answer is “crepi”, but its meaning is not particularly pleasant, especially for the wolf: saying “crepi” literally means hoping that the wolf will die (crepare = to die). This tradition, which may have originated among ancient hunters, is nowadays considered not particularly nice, especially by those who are really passionate about animals: if you also think that wolves are only bad in fairy tales, you can then answer to a “In bocca al lupo” with a big smile and say:


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