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Why Italian is a Romantic Language

floating city of Venice

If you find yourself swooning over the incomprehensible Italian words the hero on your TV screen is sharing with his lover, you’re not alone. A number of people all over the world associate Italy with romance, passion, and beauty. While there are historical and cultural reasons for this, for many people, this is enough reason to want to get to know Italy and Italians better and appreciate what they offer.

Here are some reasons Italian is considered a romantic language:

1.    Italians Are Famous For Cultural Wealth

Italy is historically known for its rich cultural wealth. This link goes back to the Roman Empire, and the art, architecture, and literature produced during the Renaissance. The work produced by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello is still evidence of some offering Italy has.

The image has upheld itself to this day as Milan is still considered a center of fashion, style, and beauty, contributing to the image associated with Italians’ beauty.

2.    Italy’s Romantic Cities

Italy is not just known for the beauty and style of its people but also the romantic aesthetic appeal of some of its famous cities, Rome, Tuscany, and Venice, to name a few. Think about whether you’d like to spend a honeymoon in any of these cities—the answer is yes, and you know it!

When you think of Italy for most people, the first thing that comes to their minds is the rolling vineyards and boutiques of Tuscany or the floating city of Venice with romantic lovers sitting on the boat enjoying the warmth of their lover’s embrace.

Italian couple embracing

3.    The Language Just Sounds Sexy

For many people, the language’s lilt, natural rhythm, and innate passion make the language romantic and appealing. Who doesn’t love it when an Italian speaker talks to them in the passionate tone that comes naturally when speaking in it.

Acquiring a language helps you appreciate culture and people and enables you to see things from their perspective. If you want to get started on learning Italian, Learning Italian Reading-Listening can help.

The online platform offers you access to multiple resources to help you brush up on your language. Find books to help you learn Italian and learn Italian with short stories. Improve your language with e-books and audiobooks of your choice.

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