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4 Ways To Make Learning A Language Fun For your Child

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Children are like sponges, soaking up everything they see, hear and observe around them. This quality, coupled with their curiosity, is what makes them excellent students as well. So, if you’re planning to sign them up for a foreign language class, here is what you can do to make learning the new language a fun experience.

Create A Relaxed Learning Environment

One of the first things you need to cater to is creating a learning environment. Ideally, learning a new skill or language should not just be about your wish as a parent, but equally about your child’s wish to learn or their interest. But if your child is too young to express that wish then focus on how you can help them.

Language is best learned in a structured environment, but if you do not speak the language you wish to learn, get your child books, cartoons, or interactive material to help them learn. Also, make sure you facilitate your child’s learning at their pace and not your own, help them get through new challenges, and don’t put pressure on them with your expectations.

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Play Word Games

If you are fluent in the language you’ve signed your child up for, then it’s time to get engaged with your child’s learning. Playing word games such as hangman, crossword puzzles, flashcards helps your child pick up new words and build a more extensive vocabulary. There are also various interactive online games that you can look up for your child if you’re not fluent in the language they are learning.

Incorporate Jokes, Riddles, And Rhymes

Jokes, riddles, and rhymes are ways to make the language more engaging and fun for your child. Most of the time, these aspects of the language are not meant to be taken at face value and require a deeper understanding of context, humor, and literary devices. This option is better for learners who are slightly more practiced and have developed some basic vocabulary.

Read, Tell And Listen Stories Together

Reading and listening to stories together with our child can help you bond. This may also allow you to pick up on the new language your child is learning, so you can facilitate them better by learning with them. Stories are engaging, and you can always get creative with them. Ask your child to partake in some loud reading with guided audiobooks.

If you want your child to learn Italian, Learning Italian Reading-Listening can help. The website offers a trove of resources for learning the language, including Italian books for learning grammar and vocabulary, Italian short stories for intermediate learners, and Italian audiobooks online for learning Italian.

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